4 Reasons To Go To Urgent Care For A Broken Bone

Broken bones are scary, stressful, and painful. Getting quick and effective treatment will not only reduce these symptoms, but also help the bone to heal as quickly as possible. An urgent care center can get you the care you need in a quick and convenient setting. Below, we’ll share 4 reasons to go to your local urgent care for a broken bone.

1- ASAP Care

If you have a broken bone, then it’s important to get care as soon as you can. Bones need to be set quickly in order to heal properly. Visiting an urgent care for a broken bone allows you to get quick treatment, especially if you’ve broken a small bone, such as a finger or toe.

2- Quick Pain Management

Fractures can be very painful. Going to urgent care for a broken bone won’t just get you quick treatment, but also quick pain management. This way, you can begin recovery as quickly- and easily- as possible.

3- Easy and Convenient

Large emergency rooms are often packed with patients, far from home, and simply inconvenient to visit. Smaller urgent care centers make the treatment process quick and easy. Plus, a calmer and more comfortable patient experience can make a big difference when you are in pain.

4- Getting the Right Diagnosis

Broken bones are often misdiagnosed, especially if they are simple fractures. For instance, are you dealing with a sprain, strain, simple fracture, or torn ligament? An urgent care center can properly diagnose your injury. The urgent care team can also refer you to outside specialists if you have a more complex issue.

ER Vs. Urgent Care

While urgent care centers are great for some injuries, more serious problems will require an emergency room. Always visit the ER if you have serious bleeding, exposed bone, or an injury to the head or spine. Of course, always call 911 for more severe injuries and/or trauma.

Care When You Need it Most

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