4 Signs Indicating Visiting Your Spine Specialist

Struggling with chronic neck or back pain? Most of the time its seen that people worsen the condition due to the delay they cause when it is perfect time to consult a specialist, in this case, spine specialist.

Your spine is strong enough to support body and structure. The only time it gives you trouble when there is something wrong with the ways its component fits or work. You may face the symptoms like numbness or weakness which are caused by pain or neurological effects.

Signs to See a Spine Consultant

Not all neck and back pains lead to spine conditions. It can be muscle sprain or strain caused by the over use or may be some sort of injury. You poor posture can also cause this sort of condition which is an alarming situation. So the question which arises here is what major issues need more attention to.

  1. Neck and back pain lingers for long
    If your back and neck pain won’t go away for weeks or even months then you should see your spine specialist. They will make sure that they are not missing anything related to spine which can be one of the cause for these long lasting pains.
  2. Neck pain leading to arm pain
    When such symptoms are felt and the pain is not only restricted to your neck area and travel down the arms, hand or even fingers, than it is problem with your spine. It can be due to putting pressure on the nerve of the spine – herniated disc.
  3. Back pain is accompanied by leg pain
    Similar situation when neck pain leads to arm and hand, back pain that extends to legs are the problems originated by spine. The treatment with this excruciating symptoms also gets advanced and is beyond physical therapy or even over-the-counter medicines. The solution is to visit the specialist to get the accurate management of the condition.
  4. Unexplained Weakness / Numbness / Tingling
    If you face numbness, weakness and tingling in the arm or leg then it is one of the most noticeable sign of spine issues. It is very important for you to find the cause of these symptoms, if its spine stenosis then you must get the much needed medical attention otherwise the issue can keep on expanding.

When Conservative Treatment Fails

If you have been working on the conservative treatments to get rid of the back and neck pain, and still not able to find any solution then visit your spin specialist.

They have the less risky options to treat you starting with prescribed medication and injection to target the nerve pain. This could also lead to surgery if things don’t get resolved with least risky options.

The medication along with physical therapy can diminish the signs for sometimes but the surgery will help in correcting the problem within the spine.

The specialist will make you understand all your treatment options explaining everything in a better way to let you carry on with your lifestyle and take care of the specific condition at the same time.

Summing Up

At Emergency Hospital Systems, we make sure that all your issues concerning back and neck pain are taken care of in a better way. Our physicians are expert in treating the medical issues you have been suffering from to make you live a better and healthy life. Contact us today at (281) 592-5410 to book a consultation to know more about your symptoms and treatment options.

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