About Emergency Hospital Systems (EHS)

About Emergency Hospital SystemsThe Emergency Hospital Systems (EHS) is built on a foundation of compassion for the individual and dedication to delivering the finest medical services to our communities. For each person we treat, we believe in administering total care, not simply dealing with or treating a single issue. While we have ‘emergency’ in our name, we are much more. EHS is a full-service hospital system comprised of five facilities offering patients a complete range of medical specialties to manage most healthcare issues. We may first see a patient in our emergency room, but our goal is to be that person’s long-term primary care facility.

We work to provide an environment that is nurturing and that offers the broad spectrum of medical services a patient might require; family practice, a full range of specialties, such as cardiology, gastroenterology, pulmonary, etc., in-patient care, or procedural measures. We support this service with an excellent diagnostic imagining department, plus the finest in a clinical lab, nursing, and back-office staff services.

Overall we are dedicated to providing quality healthcare professionally and compassionately, and we are committed to the health, well-being, and satisfaction of the communities we serve.

ehs-woodlandsThe Emergency Hospital Systems (EHS) is a system of regional hospitals serving the communities of Cleveland, Spring Branch, The Woodlands, Porter, and Deerbrook, Texas. These facilities support each other with respect to the services they provide and are united under a common objective to provide quality healthcare professionally and compassionately.

In 2015 our principals purchased the Cleveland Regional Medical Center. This hospital was ran under the bankruptcy court, and the local community had not been able to obtain near-by, top-level medical services until our leadership bought it and the license. The re-opening and upgrading of the Cleveland Emergency Hospital allowed the community to gain access to convenient medical facilities and first-rate physicians. Four additional facilities were subsequently purchased, and our success and rapid growth continued. Other specialties were added along with a top of the line diagnostic imagining center including CT scan, ultrasound, and x-ray.

In addition to emergency room services, EHS now offers cardiology, urology, gastroenterology, orthopedics, podiatry, and out-patient surgery. Most physicians are board certified, and these specialties are supported by a clinical laboratory as well as a highly trained, professional, and certified nursing staff.

Professional Relationship PatientsAt EHS, it is vital that the professional relationship between doctor and patient is strong and acts to help facilitate the long-term maintenance of the best healthcare possible. We believe this commitment to continuity of care fosters each patient’s overall well-being and provides a point of contact for patients who otherwise may not have an established primary care physician. We are able to offer patients continuing management of medical conditions, when needed, and to see that each patient receives the proper level of attention they require. The ultimate goal is that each patient seen at EHS achieves the best possible level of personal health and wellbeing.

And, EHS is growing. We are currently in the process of adding sixty in-patient beds at the Spring facility, and additional expansion plans are moving forward at all our facilities. We have one of the highest quality cardiology departments in the area and have recently added a state of the art cardiac cath lab. In addition, we now have contractual relationships with both long-term acute care and addiction recovery facilities.

As we grow, we seek to add more and more services for the people in the communities we serve. It’s another example of our commitment to providing compassionate, high-quality healthcare to the communities in which we live and raise our families.


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