Management at Emergency Hospital Systems

James Don Vickers

James Don Vickers

Chief Executive Officer (CEO)

Words From Our CEO

We are pleased to introduce the third issue of our newsletter which aims at keeping you updated on the latest news from EHS and the community. We hope that you find this newsletter both useful and beneficial. As always, your comments and opinions are welcome and extremely important for us! This summer we have been extremely focused on improving our services and performance to better fulfill our mission. Our mission remains, as caring people, to operate community hospitals, dedicated to providing quality healthcare in a professional and compassionate manner.

We are committed to improving the quality of care and safety of our patients. To achieve these results efficiently, we have been working in collaboration with both local and state health agencies. Not only did they provide us with sound advice and suggestions but with guidance on the identification of opportunities where we can improve our processes and operations.

The Texas Health and Human Services agency closely monitors our services and performance, and we are satisfied with the results obtained from the inspections they have conducted to our facilities. We have been able to comply with the audit requirements ensuring that we meet all state codes and regulations. We have followed their recommendations by implementing plans and corrective actions in those areas where we can improve.

Our efforts have paid off and we are sure that we are on the right path which is the path of continuous improvement, commitment, collaborative work and dedication to enhance the quality of the medical care we offer and the safety of our patients.

I want to take this opportunity to also extend my gratitude to our communities, as they have been very supportive and have shown us their confidence, trust and respect.

I also want to thank our staff for their hard work and dedication and for making possible to become the system of community hospitals that our patients need and want.


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