Advancing Patient Satisfaction and Safety

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Fifteen employees were recognized this quarter for their excellent work performance in caring for patients as part of the employee recognition program that EHS has in place to improve patient satisfaction and safety. At EHS we appreciate and recognize employees who are making an extra effort to better meet the needs, preferences and expectations of the patients they care for.

“At EHS, we understand that in order to achieve the goal of improving the overall quality of patient care and safety, it is necessary to improve patient satisfaction, and patient satisfaction is only achieved when employees are truly engaged with their work” said Don Vickers, CEO at EHS.  “Our goal is to foster a culture in which safety and patients are put in the first place, and we are taking all the necessary steps to achieve this goal”.

The selection of the employees recognized with the award is based on the feedback we receive from our patients and their families. Administrative staff conducts telephone surveys on a regular basis to explore on the experience of patients from the moment they enter the door until they are discharged from our hospitals. Other factors evaluated include: timely scheduling of appointments, waiting time to see a doctor, bedside manner, cleaning of rooms, quality of food, among others.

Administrative staff rates employees based on these feedbacks. Those employees who have the most positive mentions and higher ratings are acknowledge with the award which consist in a Certificate of appreciation and a gift card.

We also collect feedback from our Website. Through the “review us” link, patients can share their reviews and experience. The Information gathered from both means (surveys and website) is used to identify areas for improvement on health and safety.

The following employees are the winners of the 4th quarter employee patient satisfaction awards for Texas Emergency Hospital:

  • Amanda Vanburkleo
  • Heather Lawrence
  • Housekeeping – Isaac Velasquez
  • Christopher Cason
  • Joseph Gomez

The following employees are the winner for Cleveland Emergency Hospital:

  • Michelle Piper
  • Kevin Keen
  • Luisa Limon
  • Connie Stafan
  • Arlene Thomas
  • Shino Daniel
  • Morgan Hendricks
  • Yanie Hernandez
  • Debbie Jones
  • Nora Ruiz
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