Back Pain When Breathing Deeply: When To See a Doctor

Back pain when breathing deeply can be a worrisome symptom. However, it’s something you might experience after a respiratory infection, injury, or another health issue. Is this pain something serious? And when should you see a doctor? Get the answers in the article below.

What Causes Back Pain When Breathing Deeply?

Back pain when breathing deeply can be caused by a variety of conditions. Of course, the lungs take up quite a bit of space in our bodies, and they naturally extend toward the back when we inhale. Thus, many back problems, such as herniated disks, scoliosis, and muscle strains, can all be irritated as the lungs press on the problem area. Respiratory problems, such as pneumonia, can also cause back pain when breathing.

If you have this pain, then it’s important to monitor your other symptoms, too. This will help your doctor determine the cause of the problem. Write down your symptoms and current medical conditions, as well as any recent changes in your life (such as weight gain or new physical activities). This way, you’ll be able to communicate clearly with your doctor.

When to See a Doctor

You should see a doctor if your pain is severe, gets worse over time, or does not resolve on its own within several days. Sometimes, back pain can be a sign of a chronic condition that will require medical treatment. Without care, the pain could get more severe and interfere with your daily life. In some instances, a serious health problem might also be to blame. Only a doctor can properly diagnose you and help you avoid dangerous complications.

Signs of an Emergency

Sometimes, back pain when breathing can indicate a medical emergency. Call 911 or seek emergency help if you are experiencing severe pain, breathing difficulties, numbness, fever, or heart attack symptoms. Emergencies are rare, but they do happen. Getting help immediately could be a life-saving decision.

Don’t Wait for Relief

Back pain can take a significant toll on your life. Luckily though, there are solutions available to help you find relief. At Emergency Hospital Systems, we offer the care you need, from emergency room services to routine health exams. Click here to find your nearest EHS location.

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