Can Men Get Migraines? Here’s How Headaches Affect Men

Migraines are one of the most common types of headaches out there. However, they are mostly thought of as a female condition. Can men get migraines, too? What are the differences between headaches in male and female patients? And does the difference even matter? Read on to learn more about mens’ headaches.

Can Men Get Migraines?

While migraines are most common in adult women, they can affect people of all ages- men and women alike! Scientists are still researching the exact causes of these headaches. However, they believe there might be a genetic link. If you’re a male patient, then you might have a female relative who sufferers from similar pain.

Why Migraines Are Seen as a “Female Issue”

If you are a male migraine patient, then you know the struggles of dealing with a so-called “women’s problem”. Why do we believe that migraines only affect females? A part of it is because the majority of migraine patients are female. But another part of it is that changes in a woman’s estrogen levels can affect her migraines. Of course, many other factors can cause migraines, including stress, weather changes, and more. Ignoring these other important causes means that many patients- including men- might miss out on important treatment.

Migraines Vs. Other Types of Headaches

Migraines are just one type of headache that you might be suffering from. They have very specific symptoms- and also specific treatments. Click here to learn more about the different types of headaches. Keep track of your symptoms so you can get the right diagnosis from your doctor.

When To See a Doctor

If headaches are affecting your daily life, then it’s time to seek medical help. Treatment options are available to help you find relief- regardless of the type of headache you have. Your doctor will go over your symptoms, lifestyle, and health concerns to find the best treatment for you.

Take Charge of Your Pain

Whether you’re dealing with regular headaches or another health problem, Emergency Hospital Systems can help. We offer everything from routine care to emergency services, helping you stay healthy, regardless of the issue. Ready to see someone for your migraine pain? Click here to find the EHS location closest to you.

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