Can Seasonal Allergies Cause Dizziness?

Seasonal allergies can cause a lot of different symptoms. But can seasonal allergies cause dizziness? If you are struggling with dizziness, then you are probably uncomfortable and also maybe afraid. While some types of dizziness are no big deal, other types are undoubtedly serious. Below, we will explain different dizziness causes and also when to see a doctor.

Can Seasonal Allergies Cause Dizziness?

So, can seasonal allergies cause dizziness? It depends. Allergies can cause sinus pressure and pain. This can lead to headaches and dizziness. Allergies can also cause ear problems. This can impact your balance and cause you to feel dizzy. If your dizziness is worse during allergy season, then these might be affecting you.

Other Common Causes of Dizziness

There are many conditions that cause dizziness. Ear infections are a common, usually harmless cause. However, other conditions can be a major problem. These are things like heart disease, anemia, and low blood pressure. Low blood sugar can also cause dizziness. Lastly, mental health symptoms can cause dizziness. Anxiety and panic attacks are both common culprits.

When to See a Doctor

If you cannot identify the cause of your dizziness, then it is important to see a doctor. Again, dizziness can have many harmless causes. However, sometimes it can indicate a serious health concern. Make a note of when your dizziness started. Also, be aware of any other symptoms that may be occurring. Your doctor can help you get the right diagnosis. If your dizziness is caused by something like allergies, then they can help with your symptoms.

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