Can You Sunburn Your Eyes?

Protecting your body from sun exposure is an important way to stay safe during the summer. But of course, there are parts of the body that are easy to miss. For instance, did you know that your eyes can also be damaged by the sun? Below, we will tell you if you can sunburn your eyes. We will also tell you how to keep your eyes safe while you are out in the sunshine.

Can You Sunburn Your Eyes?

Your eyes can get sun damage, just like the rest of your body. The medical term for sunburned eyes is photokeratitis. This is when your cornea, the protective outer layer of the eye, gets damaged by UV rays. However, other parts of the eye such as the retina and lenses can also get sun damage.

Protecting Your Eyes While Outside

It is important to protect your eyes from UV rays. Our eyes are not only delicate but also prone to long-term damage. Always wear sunglasses with UV protection when you are outdoors. Shading your eyes with a hat brim or umbrella can also be helpful.

Not Just a Summer Problem

Sun damage can happen all year round. Always be sure to wear sunglasses, even in the winter. This is especially important for skiers or hikers to remember as high altitudes can make this problem even worse.

Treating Damaged Eyes

If you get sunburned eyes, then it is important to treat the problem quickly. Remove contact lenses and immediately put on sunglasses. You can also find relief by applying a cold compress. See a doctor if the problem gets worse.

Visiting a Doctor

If home treatments are not working on your photokeratitis, then it is time to see a doctor. You might need medical treatment. Emergency Hospital Systems can help you find relief fast. We provide both emergency care and also long-term primary healthcare services. Call us today to learn more.

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