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What All Women Should Know About Estrogen and Calcium

September 30, 2020

Women often deal with brittle bones as they age. The vast majority of people with osteoporosis (about 80% of patients) are women. But what makes women so much more likely than men to have bone issues? Understanding a woman’s hormones will help you make sense of the mystery. Below, we will explain the connection between … Continue reading “What All Women Should Know About Estrogen and Calcium”

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Ultrasound Vs. MRI: Which One Do I Need?

September 15, 2020

If you need medical imaging, then you might be nervous. These devices can be intimidating. Plus, it is hard for most patients to tell exactly what the tests are looking for. Ultrasounds and MRIs are two of the most common types of imaging. But what is the difference between them? Learning about the Ultrasound vs. … Continue reading “Ultrasound Vs. MRI: Which One Do I Need?”

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Should I Get a Flu Shot in the Fall?

August 30, 2020

Cold and flu season is just around the corner. Why not prepare yourself by getting your flu shot early this year? While most of us get these vaccines in the winter, you can also get them earlier in the year. In fact, there are benefits to getting your shot in the fall. Read on to … Continue reading “Should I Get a Flu Shot in the Fall?”

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Can You Sunburn Your Eyes?

August 15, 2020

Protecting your body from sun exposure is an important way to stay safe during the summer. But of course, there are parts of the body that are easy to miss. For instance, did you know that your eyes can also be damaged by the sun? Below, we will tell you if you can sunburn your … Continue reading “Can You Sunburn Your Eyes?”

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How Do You Know if You Have a Fever?

July 30, 2020

A fever is one of the most common signs that your body is going through something. Usually, it is working on fighting an infection or battling another type of illness. Of course, COVID-19 also means that people are paying more attention to fevers these days. Regardless of your other symptoms, it is important to monitor … Continue reading “How Do You Know if You Have a Fever?”

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5 Sun Precautions to Remember This Summer

July 15, 2020

It’s finally summer, which means it is time to enjoy some outdoor fun. Just be sure to protect your skin while you are outside! We understand that it can be hard to remember the sunscreen. However, taking a few simple sun precautions can protect you from skin cancer. It is also a great way to … Continue reading “5 Sun Precautions to Remember This Summer”

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How to Deal With Menopause Fatigue

June 30, 2020

Menopause comes with its fair share of expected changes- and a few unexpected changes. Some women know that they will be extra tired during menopause. But for others, the fatigue comes as a surprise. It can be hard to deal with- whether or not you are prepared. Below, we will explore the source of your … Continue reading “How to Deal With Menopause Fatigue”

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Do You Need an Atrial Fibrillation Monitor?

May 30, 2020

Do you have AFib? While this condition is common, it can still be scary news to hear. Making healthy lifestyle choices can help you manage your AFib. For some patients, that means using an atrial fibrillation monitor. But what is this monitor? Is it right for you? We’ll learn more about this popular AFib tool … Continue reading “Do You Need an Atrial Fibrillation Monitor?”

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Can Seasonal Allergies Cause Dizziness?

May 15, 2020

Seasonal allergies can cause a lot of different symptoms. But can seasonal allergies cause dizziness? If you are struggling with dizziness, then you are probably uncomfortable and also maybe afraid. While some types of dizziness are no big deal, other types are undoubtedly serious. Below, we will explain different dizziness causes and also when to … Continue reading “Can Seasonal Allergies Cause Dizziness?”

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Your Mental Health During Self-Quarantine

April 30, 2020

Self-quarantine can be challenging. After all, people are social creatures, and our society is set up to reflect that. Staying away from your school, workplace, and all social venues can take its toll on your mental health. Luckily, there are some things you can do at home to help ease this burden. Below, we will … Continue reading “Your Mental Health During Self-Quarantine”

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