On January 17 we celebrated National Pharmacist Day, and it was a very special day for us, as we had the opportunity to honor and thank our pharmacy team for the extraordinary work they do each day.

Pharmacists play a critical role within the hospital system. Not only they’re responsible for filling patients’ prescriptions, advising them on medications, and monitoring possible adverse effects that may occur, but they also oversee the handling, storage, and distribution of vaccines, such as the flu or COVID-19 vaccines.

Since the registration of Texas Emergency Hospital in the THHS COVID-19 Vaccination Program, our team of pharmacists has been working tirelessly in the fight against COVID-19. From obtaining the necessary medical grade freezer to the requisition and assignment of vaccines, our team has been managing the vaccination process rigorously following all the proposed protocols and guidelines.

As part of their responsibilities they also report to the Texas Department of Health Services any errors in the administration of vaccines, any serious adverse events that may occur and any cases of COVID-19 that result in hospitalization or death.

In the picture below we can see our Pharmacy team.  Seated from right to left: Richard Molinaro, Director of Pharmacy with EHS; Brenda Barlow, Pharmacy Tech; Kenneth Le, Pharmacist. Standing from right to left: Lucy Owens, Pharmacy Tech and Lisa Lemmons, Pharmacy Tech. Not pictured: Gloria Scott, Pharmacy Tech.

We are very proud to have them on board and we are very grateful for the great professionalism, commitment and high sense of responsibility they show every day. Thank you for being part of EHS.


Seated from right to left Richard Molinaro, Director of Pharmacy at EHS, Brenda Barlow, Pharmacy Tech and Kenneth Le, Pharmacist. Standing from right to left Lucy Owens, Pharmacy Tech and Lisa Lemmons, Pharmacy Tech.

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