Dealing With Summer Stress? Here are 5 Easy Ways to Manage Your Anxiety

Summer stress is more common than you might think. While many of us think of summertime as the season of vacations and cookouts, other people deal with anxiety due to travel, changes in schedules, and more. Don’t let summer stress get you down! Below, we’ll share 5 easy tips for coping with anxiety this season.

1- Pinpoint Your Stressors

The quickest (and also easiest) way to deal with summer stress is to pinpoint what is causing it. Are you overwhelmed with a busy trip you have planned? Facing body image issues during swimsuit season? Feeling pressure to plan a fun summer now that COVID restrictions are easing up? Be honest with yourself in order to truly deal with your stressor.

2- Give Yourself a Break

A busy schedule is one of the top causes of summer stress. With kids home from school, activities to plan, and summer holidays to organize, it can all get overwhelming. Be sure to plan some time to relax during your summer. Whether you want to enjoy the pool, the beach, or simply a nice rest on the couch, make time for yourself this season.

3- Stay Healthy

Remember that our mental health and physical health are linked. Staying healthy and active is a great way to manage your summer stress. Make sure you stay hydrated, eat well, and look after yourself. You’ll be surprised by the difference it makes.

4- Manage Your Schedule

This tip is simple, but very important. Find time every week to sit down and manage your family’s schedule. Between summer camps, vacations, day trips, and more, it can be tricky to manage logistics. Use a planner or a notebook to stay organized to keep track of everyone’s plans.

5- Talk to a Professional

Sometimes, summer stress is more than just a few seasonal inconveniences. For some people, it can also seriously impact your mental health. Seeking professional help is nothing to be ashamed of. When other methods fail, a professional can help you manage stress, depression, anxiety and more.

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