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Important Factors When Choosing Emergency Medical Care

February 15, 2019

When a medical emergency arises, deciding where to go for treatment is not only important but also involves a number of non-medical considerations. In some cases, a severe injury or heart attack can mean a trip to the nearest big city hospital ER. On the other hand, many medical situations such as flu, broken bones, … Continue reading “Important Factors When Choosing Emergency Medical Care”

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Educational Classes

February 12, 2019

Angels Care Home Health is partnering with Texas Emergency Hospitals, a division of Emergency Hospital Systems, LLC., to provide education to our community!

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Why People Visit the Emergency Room

January 25, 2019

Many times we suffer pain or illness and wonder whether or not we should go to the emergency room. Often we just ignore the symptoms and hope they go away. Nevertheless, when pain persists or is severe, it should not be overlooked, and a quick trip to the ER is well worth the effort and, … Continue reading “Why People Visit the Emergency Room”

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The Benefits of Walk-in Emergency Medical Services

January 14, 2019

One of the most frightening events in a parent’s life is when your child wakes you up in the middle of the night with a high fever or other scary symptoms. Many times it is a simple illness that is over quickly, but what if it is something more serious? You feel you should see … Continue reading “The Benefits of Walk-in Emergency Medical Services”

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Why Emergency Rooms are More Crowded during the Holidays

December 26, 2018

According to a 2017 Business Insider article, for emergency rooms in New York City, doctors estimated they saw an increase in patient volume by 5-12% during the holiday season[i]. While this estimate applied to Thanksgiving, the same kind of spike occurs around Christmas as well as other holidays. So, what gives? Are there more injuries … Continue reading “Why Emergency Rooms are More Crowded during the Holidays”

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Should I Worry About a Fainting Spell?

December 12, 2018

The short answer is ‘yes.’ If you have fainted, you should see a physician or visit an emergency room right away to identify the cause of your fainting and to ensure you do not have a serious underlying condition. Generally, fainting indicates a drop in blood pressure resulting in too little blood (and, hence, oxygen) … Continue reading “Should I Worry About a Fainting Spell?”

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Breathing Difficulties May Required a Trip to the ER

November 27, 2018

Some of the most common medical problems people encounter are breathing difficulties caused by diseases in the lungs. Coughs, shortness of breath, and other breathing problems are some of the leading causes of visits to emergency rooms. Issues with and diseases of the lungs can be severe, and, if you are experiencing shortness of breath … Continue reading “Breathing Difficulties May Required a Trip to the ER”

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Fever in Children

November 14, 2018

Probably nothing causes more stress in parents than when their child has a fever. And, as the child’s temperature rises, so does the parent’s concern. This is a situation all too familiar to most parents. According to the National Center for Biotechnology Information, fever in children is the leading cause of families’ visits to ER’s … Continue reading “Fever in Children”

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What to Do When You Have Stomach or Abdominal Pain

September 21, 2018

Stomach or abdominal pain can signal a wide range of conditions, some serious and others less so. It is best not to ignore stomach pain but rather to check with your doctor or medical professional. In a number of situations, you should go immediately to the emergency room for evaluation. Stomach or abdominal pain can … Continue reading “What to Do When You Have Stomach or Abdominal Pain”

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Don’t Ignore a Cold

September 21, 2018

Colds can be a nuisance. We feel bad, suffer through achy feelings for a few days, things get better, and we’re back on track. On the other hand, sometimes ‘colds,’ or symptoms that feel like a cold, can mean that something more serious is going on. It’s important to pay attention to what your body … Continue reading “Don’t Ignore a Cold”

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