EHS Staff Undergoes Training For Code Pink

At EHS, we prioritize safety and security in providing care. As part of our efforts, clinical and non-clinical staff have been trained on the Code Pink warning system. This system ensures a concise and rapid response from all departments in case of child abduction at any of our facilities.

Staff members were provided with training during the monthly “Lunch and Learn” sessions, which take place on the second Thursday of every month. The Education Department coordinates these
sessions, which aim to educate and train staff on subjects relevant to clinical practice.

Healthcare facilities use color-coded warning systems to alert staff of potential emergencies and incidents affecting the facility. Emergency Hospital Systems use different codes to notify the team of different situations. These codes include Code Blue for cardiac arrest, Code Red for fire, Code Gray for severe weather, Code Orange for the presence of chemical or biological agents, and Code Yellow for an internal or external disaster, among others.

According to Robin Nollkamper, the Education Director of EHS, color coding is a useful approach to responding promptly and efficiently in an emergency. The “Activate, Alert and Secure” procedure is followed during a Code Pink situation, which involves overhead paging, notifying security, the house supervisor, local police, and all personnel to cover nearby exits, including

Approximately 2,300 children are reported missing every day in the US. In Texas, the number of missing person reports in 2021 was 46,581, out of which 33,774 were children. Moreover, in Harris County, 6,816 new missing child cases were filed in 2021, and in the Houston-Galveston region, the number rose to 8,869 across 14 counties.

EHS Staff Undergoes Training For Code Pink

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