Employee Engagement Committee Kicks Off

At EHS we have taken a step forward by establishing an Employee Commitment Committee. We firmly believe that employees who are engaged and connected to their organization and community are more likely to feel more committed, dedicated, and happy with their jobs.

Committed employees would also support the vision, mission and objectives of the organization and act as advocates for the company in the community.

That is why at EHS we strive to promote a culture of commitment and inclusion in which our employees become more active and participants in their organization and community promoting team collaboration and innovation.

The group is composed of passionate employees representing the five facilities. They will be organizing educational and community events on an ongoing basis and will be disseminating information on health, prevention and benefits through our electronic Newsletter: Hospital Networks.

The following employees are members of the committee: Patti Foster, Juliette Douglas, Rayleen Atkins, Maria Chiappe, Chelsi Yorick, Morgan Hendricks, Mellissa Schmidt, Ciara Schindler, Brandy Alaniz, Shelby Allen and LaDonna Kelley

We are very excited and confident that the Committee will achieve the goals and objectives set.

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