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Carolina ChavezCarolina Chavez
Director of Material Management
Emergency Hospital Systems

This Employee Spotlight is dedicated to Carolina Chavez, the Director of Material Management at EHS Carolina Chavez’s journey from an operating room tech to the Director of Material Management at Emergency Hospital Systems (EHS) demonstrates her dedication and commitment to making a positive impact. Her role is central in ensuring that EHS operates smoothly by managing the essential supplies needed for various departments, ultimately contributing to delivering high-quality patient care.

Carolina’s Role at EHS

Carolina’s career in healthcare began in the year 2000 when she started as an operating room tech. Inspired by her mother’s work as an endoscopy technician, Carolina was driven by a strong desire to serve others. She took on diverse responsibilities across multiple departments before finding her niche in supply chain management at EHS. This transition was fueled by her recognition of the critical role that supply chain management plays in the success of any healthcare organization.

Driving change in EHS Supply Management

Having gained valuable experience in the healthcare sector, Carolina honed her skills and knowledge, ultimately embracing her role as the Director of Material Management. Her innovative thinking and dedication to improvement were highlighted when she identified the need for an enhanced inventory management system at EHS. Through collaboration with her team, maintenance, and IT department, Carolina successfully implemented this advanced system, resulting in a significant improvement in supply management. The organized and efficient inventory system she helped create facilitates streamlined access to supplies for nurses and clinical staff, ultimately contributing to enhanced patient care.

Carolina Beyond her role at EHS
Outside her professional role, Carolina is a devoted mother to four sons and a proud grandmother to two grandsons. She finds solace in her faith and cherishes spending quality time with her family. One of her favorite pastimes is deep-sea fishing, particularly in the sea of Galveston. Engaging in this tranquil activity allows her to disconnect from the digital world and immerse herself in the beauty of nature.

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