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In this edition of our Employee Spotlight, we’re pleased to feature Paul Tria, an IT Assistant at EHS. Paul ensures sustainable internet connections, maintains operational computers, and manages I/O hardware across various departments.

Paul’s journey began as a self-taught troubleshooter at Deebrook ER. His passion for IT caught the attention of Brenda Ewing, the IT Director, leading to a mentorship that has significantly shaped his career.

1. Can you Briefly describe your role and primary responsibilities at EHS?

As the assistant IT under Brenda’s guidance, I’ve taken on the crucial responsibility of ensuring a sustainable internet connection, maintaining operational computers, and managing I/O hardware across various departments. This involves not only troubleshooting technical issues as they arise but also proactively ensuring that all hardware and software align with the unique needs of each department. Whether equipping the medical team with the necessary applications for patient care or optimizing administrative workflows with efficient software solutions, I strive to ensure seamless technology integration throughout the organization, contributing to its overall success and efficiency.

2. Can you tell us how you began your lead information system technician career?

My journey began as a registration clerk at Deebrook ER, where our IT resources were limited. Faced with technical challenges like frozen computers and network issues, I taught myself basic troubleshooting methods, like restarting computers and unplugging network ports, which resolved about 90% of the issues we faced.

One fateful day, while Brenda was conducting rounds at Deerbrook, I shared my interest in transitioning into an IT role. Brenda graciously took me under her wing, offering to show me the ropes. With her guidance, I eventually earned the opportunity to work alongside her as her assistant IT. Under Brenda’s tutelage, I’ve expanded my knowledge beyond simple computer fixes.
Her mentorship has been transformative, shaping me into a capable IT professional.

3. What does a typical workday for you look like?
Each morning, I kick start my day with a refreshing cold brew featuring two shots of espresso, which serves as potent fuel for my mind. Even before arriving at my designated site, I’m already in action, deftly handling calls and resolving issues in route. Once settled, I dive into my digital realm, meticulously checking emails, tickets, and messages to ensure a seamless flow of communication.

The ticket system is my next stop, where I prioritize any urgent or emergency tasks that demand immediate attention. I swiftly address simpler matters like password resets to streamline my workflow before embarking on rounds across EHS. Throughout my inspection, I meticulously ensured the smooth operation of every system, ready to respond to any unforeseen emergencies with my trusty laptop in hand, no matter where they may arise.

4. What do you find most enjoyable about working at EHS?

As time has passed, I’ve developed strong bonds with many of my colleagues here. Despite the job’s inherent challenges and occasional stress, the camaraderie and support of the people around me transform the work environment into something more than just a job. These relationships make the toughest days feel lighter, and when work doesn’t feel like work, it’s truly a rewarding feeling. At the end of the day, it’s the sense of connection and collaboration with my coworkers that leaves me feeling fulfilled and grateful. Something even
greater than money itself.

5. What do you like most about your career?
There are no mundane moments because we are always on the move. There are times when more than one hospital can be down and needs urgent assistance, and that’s when we really need to be quick to act. I’ve never had a day where there were no issues. Something will always happen.

6. What advice would you offer those interested in information system tech?
Expand your knowledge beyond IT; familiarize yourself with medical terminology and various medical equipment to effectively integrate them into healthcare systems. Collaborate with other departments, helping with empathy and professionalism, considering their demanding environment. Prioritize tasks by addressing critical patient-related issues first, then systematically resolving less urgent matters. This approach ensures efficient support while prioritizing patient care and operational needs.

7. What are some of the main challenges you encounter in your role and how do you tackle them?

There are days when everything seems to unravel: networks crash, multiple computers and phones go offline across different locations. In these moments, staying composed and prioritizing the most critical issues that could impact patient care is crucial. Effective communication with team managers and our own team members is paramount. Calling for backup support and maintaining constant updates with departments are essential steps if necessary. External factors like internet or power outages are sometimes beyond our control, and we can only manage what’s within our capabilities under such circumstances.

8. What are your hobbies or interests outside of work?
One of my passions is traveling and exploring diverse cuisines outside of work. I enjoy creating video vlogs about my culinary adventures and travel experiences and sharing them on social media. Immersing myself in new foods and cultures is relaxing and enriching. I find immense joy in discovering different cultures’ unique flavors and traditions, and I always wish I could indulge in these experiences more frequently.

Paul Tria - Gallery

Paul Tria - Gallery

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