Food Allergies and Acne

The skin can be affected by many things. Diet is a major factor. The type of food you choose to eat can change your entire body chemistry. Specifically, you may notice irritants such as acne from food allergies. Food allergies and acne go hand in hand.

Food Allergies

Allergies can form at any time in your life. From newborns to the elderly, you can have an allergy develop out of nowhere. Some people experience allergies in pregnancy alone. Children can have food allergies as babies and grow out of it. The causes of food allergies are vastly unknown. However, the body histamines react to certain foods as attacking the body. They mistake proteins found in certain foods as a potential infection. The chemicals produced by these antibodies are what trigger symptoms of an allergy.


Acne is when your hair follicles, or pores, are blocked. Primarily, dirt, hair, and oil are usually the cause of this. However, certain factors cause us to produce excessive oil and sweat, clogging the follicles. Ingrown hairs also do this. We all experience some form of acne. Puberty is the most common culprit. But, stress, allergies, and illness are factors as well. Nevertheless, diet is unpredictable at causing acne. Greasy fried foods, lack of nutrient-rich foods, and sugar are sometimes to blame. But, food allergies are to blame more often than we realize.

When to Go to the Doctor

If you are experiencing cystic acne, or inflamed skin, call a doctor. The symptoms of food allergies can appear as acne. Especially, cystic acne. This is when you have large, red, inflamed, and itchy acne welts. To prevent a more severe reaction, you should get an allergy test. Many people have completely cured their skin condition with a simple test. The test will show you what you allergic to or intolerant to. If you notice your skin breaks out within a day or two of eating a certain food, you probably have an allergy. Particularly, if the breakout is extremely uncomfortable.

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