Get To Know The Medical-Surgical Teams At EHS

The medical-surgical team at EHS is committed to delivering outstanding patient care through effective collaboration and teamwork. Their top priority is to offer high-quality, patient-centered
care to all hospital patients, with the goal of ensuring their stable recovery prior to discharge.

Jordan Small, RN and Med/Surg team leader, explained that they use a holistic and interdisciplinary approach to ensure each patient receives the best possible treatment. The team conducts daily clinical meetings, where healthcare professionals from various EHS departments
discuss patient care, progress, and potential issues. This information is then shared with doctors, who provide the appropriate recommendations.

With around 25 nurses at Texas Emergency Hospital and EHS-Deerbrook Hospital, their exceptional care has been recognized, with two of their team members, Janice Owen and Christopher Kelly, receiving the DAISY Award for Extraordinary Nurses in the past six months.

Congratulations to the Med/Surg team for their outstanding work. Keep up the good work!

Medical-Surgical Teams At EHSJordan Small (left) with Med/Surg team at EHS Deerbrook Hospital

Medical-Surgical Teams At EHSMed/Surg team at Texas Emergency Hospital

Medical-Surgical Teams At EHSMed/Surg team at Texas Emergency Hospital

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