General Surgery

General Surgery

Available at Cleveland Emergency Hospital and Emergency Hospital Systems – Deerbrook

To provide the broadest possible range of surgical services to our community, EHS, Cleveland, offers a General Surgery department staffed by board-certified surgeons in many specialties. We evaluate and treat a wide range of medical issues, often working across departmental specialties. Our surgeons and surgical staff are highly skilled in surgical techniques, and our collaborative association with surgeon throughout the area allows EHS to offer a wide range of in-patient and out-patient procedures. Surgical procedures performed include, among many others, appendectomies, bowel resection, and removal or biopsy of masses and tumors.

Also, at EHS you’ll find our facilities are leading in the area of General Surgery. Typical of the broad range of procedures offered are:

  • Cholecystectomy, Open or Laparoscopic
  • Appendectomy, Open or Laparoscopic
  • Hemorrhoidectomy
  • Removal or Biopsy Masses, Tumors, Cysts (margins only)
  • Removal of Fibroma
  • Colectomy (Colostomy?)
  • Bowel Resection
  • Laceration Repair
  • Umbilical Hernia Repair
  • Inguinal Hernia Repair, Open or Laparoscopic
  • Colonoscopy with or without Biopsy
  • Enterogastroduodenoscopy

Our goal is to provide each patient with the latest available techniques and procedural options allowing each patient to receive the best possible outcome and the fastest recovery times. Stop by to discuss any elective surgeries you may be anticipating with our knowledgeable staff.

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General Surgery
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