How a Patient Won the Battle Against Covid-19

With this pandemic advancing within Liberty County, we wanted to capture the testimony of a Cleveland resident who managed to overcome the battle against the Coronavirus with the help of our staff, doctors, and nurses.

Lanora Purvis is the founder and CEO of Heavens Army Home of Amazing Grace in Cleveland. She tested positive for COVID-19 in March and since then, she has made a full recovery. Now she wanted to share her story with the community in a testimonial video.

Watch the full video on our Facebook page at the following link:

Below is an excerpt from the video.

“I rescue women from drug addiction, sex trafficking and domestic violence. So my relationship with the hospital is very important in the community. When I got sick, I immediately called Cleveland Emergency Hospital, so that I could asked them what I should do. I’ve never been sick; I have not seen a doctor for over 17 years.

So I called Mrs. Patty Foster to let her known my symptoms. I laid down because I was not feeling well. I checked my temperature and it was 103, so I went ahead and took two Tylenols. When I woke up, my temperature was still 101, so I messaged Mrs. Patty and she told me to immediately go to the hospital.

I was in isolation at the hospital. They ran every test needed. They tested me for flu and pneumonia. All those test came up negative and they told me that they were testing me for Coronavirus. …..

Find the testimonial video at our Facebook page.

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