How Long Does An MRI Take?

Magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) is a medical procedure that involves hi-tech electromagnetic equipment to examine a patient’s organs, tissues, and skeletal system. An MRI produces high-resolution images of a patient’s internals, which allows the doctor to diagnose various problems.

What Is An MRI?

An MRI involves the use of large magnets and radio waves that penetrate inside the patient’s body and generates images of parts of the body that cannot be seen using other technologies, i.e., X-Ray, CT Scan, etc.

How Does An MRI Work?

First, the patient is exposed to radio waves in a strong magnetic field. Then these radio waves reflect from the body into the computing device. The system then assesses the tissues’ response and produces the images we require.

How Long Does An MRI Take?

A typical MRI takes about 15 minutes to an hour to complete. Timings depend on the type of scan and part of the body that is going to be scanned.

What Happens During An MRI?

Remember that you must remove all metal substances before an MRI procedure. That is because the MRI machine uses magnets, and the patient can be at risk if any metal enters the MRI room. Hence the technologist will always ask you to change into their approved clothing. An MRI procedure is painless but if you are claustrophobic, speak to the radiologist. They can provide you with headphones to listen to music.

Is There Any Exposure to Radiation During An MRI?

An MRI machine doesn’t emit any radiation. It uses magnets.

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