How to Sleep With a UTI

Urinary tract infections can cause a variety of uncomfortable symptoms. However, nighttime symptoms are some of the most frustrating. Patients might have problems falling asleep, staying asleep, or managing nighttime pain. Luckily, there are a few simple ways to find relief. Read on to learn how to sleep with a UTI- and when you should see a doctor for your symptoms.

Daytime Vs. Nighttime UTI Symptoms

UTI symptoms are uncomfortable at any time of day. Typical symptoms include pain and/or a burning feeling while urinating, frequent, sudden urges to urinate, and also having a difficult time passing urine. Patients will usually experience the same symptoms in both the daytime and also nighttime hours. However, at night these symptoms can also cause trouble sleeping, frequent waking, and even bed-wetting.

How to Sleep With a UTI

Wondering how to sleep with a UTI? It can be complicated. Pain and urgency can prevent you from falling- or staying- asleep. Of course, make sure your bladder is completely empty before going to bed. You might also consider setting alarms during the night so that you can wake up and use the bathroom. Tools like a hot water bottle, heating pad, or even over-the-counter pain relievers can all help you with nighttime discomfort, too. Just ask your doctor before you try any medications.

Should You Limit Fluids?

Limiting fluids is a popular way to prevent nighttime bathroom trips. However, it’s also very important to stay hydrated while dealing with a UTI. You might want to try getting your fluids in throughout the day and then cutting down your fluid intake in the evenings. This can reduce symptoms while also ensuring you’re staying hydrated.

Treating the Underlying Infection

While it’s important to treat your UTI symptoms, it’s even more important to address their underlying cause. Untreated infections can lead to more serious issues down the road. If you have a UTI, then it’s important to see a doctor immediately.

Don’t Wait for Relief

A doctor can quickly treat your UTI before your infection gets worse. At Emergency Hospital Systems, we offer quick and convenient medical care for a wide range of conditions- including urinary tract infections. Click here to find an EHS location near you.

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