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A CT scan or a computed tomography image is a principal diagnostic tool for viewing internal body structure and organs. Frequently, in emergency room situations, physicians must be able to ‘see’ what is going on internally with a patient, and the CT scan is just the tool to provide that information. Emergency Hospital Systems is proud to be able to make this equipment available to our physicians, giving them the ability to more quickly and accurately diagnose the conditions of incoming patients. These type scans are essential for investigating bone and muscle disorders such as fractures or tumors. Also, CT scans are used to diagnose and monitor cancers, lung nodules, blood clots, heart diseases, and infections.

CT Scan Investigative ProcedureThis investigative procedure is often used in emergency rooms because of its speed; providing a detailed internal image of the subject in about 5 minutes, versus about 30 minutes using an MRI. The CT scan works by taking multiple, closely-spaced x-rays which are then arranged by a computer into full cross-sectional images. These larger images can then be used to locate fractures, tumors, or other abnormalities.

In addition to being a fast diagnostic tool, CT scans are especially good at developing images of bone, soft tissue, and blood vessels, although soft tissue detail is not as well defined as with MRI images. Nevertheless, the combination of excellent imagery and speed makes the CT scan well adapted for use in the emergency room. The emergency room physicians and professional staff at the Emergency Hospital Systems utilize the full capabilities of CT scans, when appropriate, for diagnosing patients seeking treatment. The result is a quick and accurate analysis of patient conditions resulting in faster treatments, shorter recovery times, and improved long-term outcomes.

Our emergency rooms are conveniently located in the community, are open 24/7/365, and offer a highly skilled and compassionate staff for patients in need of treatment.


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