Ultrasound Center

Ultrasound (sonography) is an imagining technique that uses sound waves or vibrations in the ultrasonic frequencies to produce an image of tissue inside the body. While the procedure is often associated with use during pregnancies, the technique is very versatile and is used extensively in the emergency room. Our team at the Emergency Hospital System uses ultrasound imagining to detect various conditions or abnormalities, especially for joint conditions and movement. High-frequency sound waves are produced by an instrument called a ‘transducer‘, which bounce off of the various tissues and organs within the body. The transducer receives these ‘return‘ signals which are converted using computer programs into images of internal organs, bones, and tissue. These images can then be ‘read’ by specially trained physicians and technicians.

Ultrasound Machines

At EHS, our emergency room doctors utilize ultrasound to diagnose a wide range of conditions for patients seeking medical treatment. Ultrasound is particularly useful in examining organs and soft tissue such as bladder, kidneys, liver, heart, blood vessels, gallbladder, and others. Bone and harder materials are not as easily penetrated by sound waves and do not produce as clear an image as other diagnostic tools. Our physicians in the ER will make a determination as to the best approach to imagining based on each patient’s condition and possible problems. You can feel confident you are receiving the most appropriate tests and procedures based on your situation, and you will receive the most accurate diagnosis possible. Based on your tests and diagnosis, you’ll receive a treatment plan that leads to the best possible medical outcome.

You can trust the professionals at EHS, whether you are dealing with a sprain or pulled muscle or are in need of more immediate medical attention. Visit one of our five hospitals today.


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