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X-rays are one of the oldest diagnostic tools used by physicians. They are reliable, fast, and show excellent detail of internal bones and organs. X-ray was discovered in 1895 and was quickly put to use in medicine. By 1896 a radiology department had opened in a hospital in Glasgow Scotland and by 1930 x-ray diagnostics was widespread throughout the medical community. As the effects of radiation exposure became better known, improvements in patient and staff protection were introduced. Newer technologies such as CT Scans and Ultrasound were developed which are useful in many applications. Nevertheless, x-rays are still common-place and an extremely useful tool for diagnosing many conditions.

X-Ray MachinesIn the past x-rays were captured on photographic films which had to be ‘developed,’ slowing down the analysis process. Today, x-ray images are captured digitally allowing physicians to ‘read’ the images on computer screens within minutes. This advancement dramatically enhances the ability of emergency room personnel to respond to a patient needs. Depending on the situation, the emergency room physicians may order x-rays for a patient with a medical emergency. Principal studies include views of the bones (fractures, joints, osteoporosis, and cancer), chest (infections, heart disease, and tumors), and abdomen (digestive tract conditions).

Although diagnostic imagining includes a wide range of specialized tools and techniques, the x-ray remains one of the primary diagnostic studies for patients visiting the emergency room. At Emergency Hospital Systems, our physicians select the most appropriate imagining technique for each situation. Our mission is to deliver the highest possible medical care to every patient we see, and our board-certified doctors and professional staff are there to assist you with your medical emergency, whatever it might be.

Should you suffer a medical emergency and need immediate attention, visit one of our convenient ER’s for the very best in diagnostic imagining and compassionate care. We are here 24/7/365 to respond to your medical needs.


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