It’s Not Too Early to Think about Your Family’s Vaccinations

Summer is barely halfway over and with all the summer activities you probably haven’t thought much about your children’s vaccinations. Nevertheless, school begins in a month or two, and proof of vaccinations is required to attend classes and to participate in some activities. And, while thinking about the children, it’s also an excellent time to check out the vaccination status of your adult family members. The incidences of a long list of childhood diseases, previously thought to be eradicated, are showing up around the country. ‘Catch up’ vaccinations for adults or children who have fallen behind are available and are just as important as those for your children.

The Center for Disease Control, (CDC), recommends vaccinations, depending on each person’s particular health status, beginning with pregnancy all the way through adulthood. Protecting you and your children against a broad range of diseases is essential, not only to the health and well being of your family, but also to that of your friends, neighbors, and your community. You should see your primary care physician for the vaccinations you need, although, if you do not have a primary care physician, please visit or call Emergency Hospital Systems at 281-592-5400 to discuss getting the required vaccinations.

Schools, sports activities, and extracurricular activities such as scouting, require proof of vaccinations before children can participate. Age appropriate vaccinations may be necessary to guard against diseases such as mumps, measles, whooping cough, polio, lock-jaw (always fatal), and many others. When adults fall behind in their vaccinations, the medical professionals at Emergency Hospital Systems can develop a ‘catch-up’ plan to bring all vaccinations up to date. And, some vaccines are prescribed during pregnancies. These not only protect the mother but also give early protection to their unborn children. Once your family has received the needed vaccines, we are happy to complete any paperwork or certifications required by your school or activity organization.

Whatever your situation, call on the doctors and staff at Emergency Hospital Systems to discuss your family’s level of protection as well as any other medical questions you may have. Vaccinations should not be a last-minute, second thought item during that busy period just before school when you are running here and there. Some vaccinations may require several visits to the doctor, so, the sooner you get started, the better.

Now is the time to visit one of EHS’s five convenient and easy to get to locations in Cleveland (2 locations), Spring, Porter, and Humble. We have staff available 24/7/365, are easy to get to, have lots of free parking, and our wait times are short. Call for an appointment or simply walk-in. Either way, we’ll make sure you’re seen quickly and that you receive the proper medical attention, diagnosis, and treatment. Don’t take a chance with your family’s health. Vaccines are easy to get and guard against many severe diseases and conditions. Give our offices a call to discuss any medical question you may have, 281-592-5400.

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