Liberty County Community Coalition Meeting Highlights Support for Local Children

On Tuesday, June 18th, the Liberty County Community Coalition (LCCC) held its quarterly meeting at the Health Center of Southeast Texas to discuss “Supporting children in Liberty County”. Maria Chiappe De la Flor, LCCC Founder and Coordinator and EHS Communications Coordinator opened the meeting by emphasizing the importance of sharing resources and information to ensure the wellbeing and support of local children.

At the meeting, various community leaders and organizations presented their projects and initiatives. Robin Gandara from FamilyTime Crisis & Counseling Center, a Founding Member of the LCCC, facilitated the meeting. A light lunch sponsored by the Health Center of Southeast Texas highlighted the Center’s dedication to accessible healthcare. Robin also shared key statistics on the current state of children in Liberty County.

Key presentations were made, providing valuable insights. Teresa Blount from MET Inc. discussed the HOPES Project and other initiatives promoting healthy outcomes for children. Representatives from Texas A&M AgriLife Extension—Rosalinda Marez, Alexis Cordova, and Kimberly McNair—introduced their Reaching Well grant program and the new Better Living for Texans agent, focusing on child education and community health.

An engaging Q&A session followed, allowing for the exchange of ideas. Maria concluded the meeting by expressing gratitude and emphasizing the importance of collaboration. “Our strength lies in our collaboration and sharing resources. Together, we can make a significant difference,” she said. The LCCC meeting reinforced community dedication and laid the groundwork for future initiatives to support children in Liberty County.

Liberty County Community Coalition
Left to Right: Maria Chiappe De la Flor with EHS; Rosalinda Marez with Texas A&M AgriLife Extension; Teresa Blount with MET; Kimberly McNair with Texas A&M AgriLife Extension; and Robin Gandara with FamilyTime Crisis & Counseling Center
Liberty County Community Coalition
Maria Chiappe and Robin Gandara with the Liberty County Community Coalition and representatives from the sponsoring organization, The Health Center of Southeast Texas.

Liberty County Community Coalition

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