Lung Cancer Symptoms You Should Not Ignore

Great strides have been made in the treatment of cancer. Although it still poses one of our greatest health threats, it’s generally agreed that early detection greatly increases a person’s chances of beating the disease. While healthcare providers typically check for signs of cancer during routine exams, there is no one in a better position to watch for suspicious symptoms than you.

Being able to identify meaningful indicators means knowing exactly which symptoms may be significant. For lung cancers, these symptoms may vary between people, but the following list, prepared by the CDC, is a good starting point. These are symptoms that you should not ignore. Identifying these conditions and bringing them to your doctor’s attention may mean catching cancer early.

It is also essential to keep in mind that, according to the CDC, lung cancer can advance without producing many symptoms in its early stages. This means it is all the more important to watch for any of the following.

1. Chest pain. (Chest pains may also indicate a heart attack or other condition and should be evaluated immediately at an emergency room.)
2. Shortness of breath.
3. Coughing that gets worse and doesn’t go away.
4. Wheezing.
5. Continually feeling tired and run down.
6. Coughing up blood.
7. Weight loss with no known cause.
8. Repeated bouts of chest infections such as pneumonia.
9. Swollen lymph nodes between the lungs inside the chest.

These symptoms can also occur with other illnesses, so it is essential to see a physician should you experience any or a combination of the above. Your primary care physician can administer tests to determine the symptoms’ causes and, if necessary, provide you with an appropriate treatment plan. If you don't have a primary care physician, please make an appointment at one of Emergency Hospital Systems’ ERs. Our staff can provide you with a complete evaluation and diagnosis of your condition, and we are happy to function as your primary care medical professionals.

EHS’s emergency rooms are conveniently located in the communities we serve, including Cleveland (2), Humble, and Spring. We have plenty of close-in free parking and are open 24/7/365 for your convenience. Feel free to make an appointment or simply walk-in. Our wait times are short, and one of our medical professionals will see you as soon as possible. Call today
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