Meet Our Environmental Services Director: A Heartfelt Journey

Kevin W. Davies, MBA
Environmental Services Director
Emergency Hospital Systems

In this edition, we introduce you to Kevin Davies, the Director of Environmental Services at EHS. With nearly four decades of dedicated service in the EVS field, Kevin has witnessed the vital role that the Environmental Services (EVS) teams play in ensuring the well-being of patients in a hospital setting.

As the Director of Environmental Services (EVS), Kevin focuses on protecting patients from HealthcareAssociated Infections (HAI), a critical role at EHS. Kevin’s journey began with an undergraduate degree in financial planning, where he helped clients secure their financial futures through investments. However, a personal experience changed his life. His older sister, who was diagnosed with diabetes, started to face a series of health complications that took her to the hospital for over two years. Ultimately, she lost her life, but during those countless visits to her sister in the hospital, Kevin noticed the exceptional and compassionate care provided to her – not just by thedoctors and nurses but also by the dedicated housekeepers.

He was impressed by the thoroughness of the housekeepers who cleaned his sister’s room and the compassion they showed by talking to her, comforting her, and cheering her up. That experience marked
Kevin’s forever. Years later, this experience guided him toward a new and fulfilling career path in Environmental Services (EVS). He chose to work in a role where he could create a sanitary physical environment where patients could focus on their needs and not have to worry about catching HAIs. He aspired to have an EVS team to provide the same comforting atmosphere his sisters received.

Today, Kevin enjoys working with the EHS dedicated medical team, witnessing the remarkable work they do each day. However, it’s his interactions with the dedicated EVS team that truly fill him with pride. Each day, he witnesses the commitment and hard work of his EVS team in maintaining a sanitary environment for patients. What’s even more inspiring to him is the ability of his team to lift the spirits of patients, making them feel a little better every day, just as his sister experienced.

Kevin is thankful and proud of his EVS team. This group not only ensures the highest standards of cleanliness but also provides a compassionate touch to patients by lifting their spirits. We want to thank Kevin Davies and his incredible team. Their dedication and kindness do not go unnoticed, and we are honored to have such a remarkable group among our staff.

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