Meet Our Latest Quarterly Daisy Award Winner

Janis Owens, RN from Texas Emergency Hospital, has won the latest DAISY Award for the first quarter of 2023, as she was selected from six nominees. With over 47 years of nursing experience, Janis has worked in EHS since 2022. Her recognition is due to her compassionate attitude, quality in patient care, and going above and beyond with patients, families, and co-workers.

Other nurse nominees included: Rahila Bham (Medical-Surgical Nurse at Texas Emergency Hospital), Mahiya Bynum (Medical-Surgical Nurse at Texas Emergency Hospital), Mercedes Medina (Medical-Surgical Nurse at Texas Emergency Hospital), Trish Foster (Medical-Surgical Surgical Nurse and ER Nurse at Texas Emergency Hospital and EHS-Porter), Carrie Holliday (Medical-Surgical Nurse at EHS-Deerbrook) and Pamela Clark (Medical-Surgical Nurse and ER Nurse at Texas Emergency Hospital and EHS-Deerbrook).

Janis Owens Well done, Janis! Congratulations to Janis and all the nominees. We are very proud of our you all.
The picture shows EHS Chief Nursing Officer Cassie Kavanaugh giving Janis Owens the DAISY Pin

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