More Renovations For Texas Emergency Hospital

As part of our ongoing effort to improve the safety and quality of care for our patients, and with the goal of better meeting the growing health needs of Liberty County residents, Emergency Hospital Systems (EHS), has been renewing and modernizing its Texas Emergency Hospital (THE) facility located at Cleveland, Texas.

In the last two years, a series of improvements have been made at TEH. The 80,000-square-foot hospital not only has now talented staff, first-class physicians and state-of-the-art equipment, but it also has more modern infrastructure and spaces. These changes have had a positive impact on the satisfaction and perception of patients, and have also helped to improve the operational efficiency of the hospital, which has led to better clinical outcomes. Today Texas Emergency Hospital has expanded its services to include: 12 inpatient beds and 11 ER exam rooms.

Some of the renovations carried out recently at TEH included: the complete update of its two elevators, the acquisition of a new chiller system and the complete modernization of its Radiology Unit.

More Renovations at TEH - Elevators
Our New Elevators

The two elevators of the Hospital have been completely renovated. New interior and exterior wall panels were added, doors were replaced, and floors, walls and cables were changed.




More Renovations at TEH - Elevators
Our New Chiller

In addition, the Hospital has purchased a new 80-ton chiller that replaces the previous 50-ton system. This machine has improved the cooling of spaces and water in the building, and has contributed to improve efficiency by reducing costs in energy and electricity.




More Renovations at TEH - Elevators
Our Radiology Department completely renovated.

The radiology department has been completely remodeled. The unit has new ceilings, floors and walls and has acquired a modern X-ray machine that allows a better reading of the images.



Other renovations carried out this year included the renovation and expansion of the rooms, the modernization of the emergency room, the addition of a highly complex laboratory and a catheterization laboratory.

“These improvements are in line with the strategic direction established for EHS that is to make the Hospital more efficient and safe, and for our patients to be more satisfied in their interaction with the Hospital and staff.” said Don Vickers, CEO of Emergency Hospital System.

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