Remembering Cleveland’s First Hospital: 70 years of History

It is a great pride for the city of Cleveland and all its residents to have a Hospital with as much history, memories and roots as the Texas Emergency Hospital. We want to take this opportunity to go back in time and pay tribute to all of those who have put their energy, time and resources into the first Cleveland hospital.

Leggett Memorial Hospital
Leggett Memorial Hospital. Photo Courtesy of Cleveland Historical Museum

Initially known as the Leggett Memorial Hospital in honor of its founder and first owner, Dr. Walter Leggett, the hospital first opened its doors on November 1945. Being the first hospital to operate and the first major project built in the city after the Second World War; its inauguration constituted a big event and gave much to talk about in the city. It was the project that everyone was expecting!

As the Hospital opened, many Cleveland residents came through to inspect the hospital. In those years, most of the Cleveland residents were born in the Hospital, as was their children. Just to have an idea, the first day the Hospital went into business, two babies was born and eight more were born in the first five days after starting operations.

Since its inauguration and before becoming the modern hospital that it is today, the Hospital passed through a series of additions, expansions and renovations. In 1954, Dr. W.L Barnett built the first addition in the original building and in 1983 to better serve the rapidly growing community of Cleveland; the Hospital underwent major remodeling and expansion to include a new laboratory, radiology department, electro-diagnosis and a pharmacy increasing its occupancy from 42 to 115 beds.

The Hospital is part of the identity and history of the City of Cleveland, and we are proud to operate a Hospital that has been serving the Cleveland community for more than 70 years.

Information Source: Cleveland Historical Museum

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