Should I Get a Flu Shot in the Fall?

Cold and flu season is just around the corner. Why not prepare yourself by getting your flu shot early this year? While most of us get these vaccines in the winter, you can also get them earlier in the year. In fact, there are benefits to getting your shot in the fall. Read on to learn about getting your vaccine early this season.

When Should I Get a Flu Shot?

It is important to get a flu shot every flu season. However, there is is no reason to wait until winter to get this shot. The shot will be effective for about a year, so timing is less important than you might think. In fact, getting the flu shot earlier will save you time during the more stressful winter months. You can also avoid the crowded lines at clinics and pharmacies during the height of the flu season.

Why Flu Shots Matter- Especially This Season

Of course, we are all preparing for this flu season to be a bit unique. With COVID-19 still spreading, doctors are preparing for an increase in sick people this year. While the flu is not a coronavirus, it causes many of the same symptoms. Some can be quite severe. Getting a flu shot can prevent you from needing hospital care for the flu, especially at an overwhelming time. The flu shot is not just a way to protect yourself, but also a way to protect others. This means that you can make a real difference in your community with one simple vaccine!

Flu Shots and More at Emergency Hospital Systems

Emergency Hospital Systems offers flu shots, other vaccines, and also treatments for a variety of illnesses. Whether you are currently sick or looking at prevention, our team can help. Call us today to schedule your vaccines and checkups. Have a more pressing matter? We also offer emergency services.

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