Spider Vs. Mosquito Bite: What Are The Key Differences?

Both spider and mosquito bites are common issues- especially during the Texas summer. But because these bites look similar, it can be hard for patients to know what they are dealing with. So how can you recognize a spider vs. mosquito bite? And do you need to see a doctor for either issue? Read on to get the facts on spider vs. mosquito bite care.

Decoding Your Bite

Not sure if you’re dealing with a spider vs. mosquito bite? Your first clue will come from looking at the bite itself. Mosquito bites tend to cause raised, red bumps on a person’s skin. For some people, these can be quite itchy and irritating, whereas other people won’t even notice they have them. The bites tend to appear as individual marks.

Many spider bites, on the other hand, appear as two distinctive dots next to one another. They might also form irregular, splotchy-looking red marks, as opposed to round mosquito bites. They tend to be red and might also come with irritation. However, while mosquito bites tend to itch, spider bites tend to feel tender.

Home Care for Bites

Many spider bites and mosquito bites can be treated easily with home care. Try applying an ice pack and/or topical antihistamine cream to reduce swelling and bite size. Also be sure to invest in pest control solutions to help prevent future bites.

When To See a Doctor

Both spider and mosquito bites can be uncomfortable. However, if they are causing additional symptoms, such as fever, headaches, muscle cramps, or pain/redness that spreads beyond the bite, then you must see a doctor. This can be a sign of infection.

Furthermore, some spider bites can be dangerous if not treated by a professional. If you were bit by a spider, then it’s best to see a doctor as a precaution. They can monitor your bite and help you prevent complications.

Emergency Care For All Your Summer Ailments

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