Sports Physical Vs. Annual Physical: Which One Does Your Child Need?

Does your child need a sports physical this school year? As a parent, this topic can cause some confusion. Are sports physicals the same thing as your child’s regular annual check-up? While the two exams are similar, they do have some important differences. Here’s what you need to know about a sports physical vs. an annual physical.

What Happens During a Sports Physical?

During a sports physical, a medical professional will examine your child. Just like during a normal physical, they will check your child’s height, weight, heartbeat, and blood pressure. Doctors may also check your child’s flexibility, muscle/bone health, hearing, vision, or hand/eye coordination. Finally, the doctor might talk to your child about past injuries, injury prevention, general sports safety, or other issues that might impact their health while participating in their sport.

Sports Physical Vs. Annual Physical

When it comes to a sports physical vs. an annual physical, the most important difference is the purpose of the appointment. An annual physical is a general wellness check that focuses on your child’s overall health, whereas a sports physical is geared toward your child’s ability to safely play a sport. During an annual physical, your child’s doctor will address your child’s health history, as well as any mental health concerns. They will also order vaccines, lab work, or additional services for preventative care. While a sports physical will also assess your child’s general health, the main purpose of the appointment is to assess whether your child has health concerns that could affect them while playing a sport.

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