Stay Safe! How To Avoid 4 Common Summer Illnesses

For most of us, summer is a time to kick back, relax, and have fun with friends and family outside. However, the summer is also a time when many people face health problems. Luckily though, most of these problems are easy to avoid with a few simple tricks. Below, we’ll share some common summer illnesses and the steps you can take to stay healthy.

1- Sunburn and Heat-Related Issues

These are some of the most common summer illnesses. Most people think of sunburn as simply uncomfortable. However, it can actually have health consequences. Sunburned skin can cause headaches, fever, blistering, and can increase your risk of skin cancer. Wear protective clothing and plenty of sunscreen to stay safe in the sun. Also be sure to reapply SPF, especially after going in the water.

2- Bug Bites

Bug bites aren’t just annoying. For some people, they can cause painful swelling and itching. Insects can also carry viruses and bacteria. Use insect repellant and wear the right clothing (ie- fabrics with a tight weave) when outdoors. Check your skin regularly for bug bites, and monitor the bites to make sure they heal properly.

3- Dehydration

Whether you’re sunburned or just outside in the heat, dehydration is a common summer illness. While dehydration starts with very mild symptoms, it can quickly progress and become severe. Be sure to stay hydrated when outdoors, and take plenty of breaks from physical activity. Both plain water and sports drinks with electrolytes are the best for hydration. Avoid sodas, juices, and other heavily sweetened drinks. These won’t quench your thirst as well and can even make symptoms worse.

4- Food Poisoning

Of course, food poisoning can happen at any time of year. However, it’s more common in the summer, when high temperatures increase the risk of food-borne illnesses. Make sure you keep your food refrigerated when you’re not eating, and always store food properly. While cookouts and barbecues can be fun, make sure to think about food safety, too!

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