Texas Emergency Hospital Performs Innovative Procedure To Treat Heart Failure

Doctor Shanti Bansal is an electrophysiologist and cardiologist who has been practicing in Houston for the past 10 years. Prior to coming to Houston, he has been in training for 15 years. He has taken care of countless patients who´ve had problems with congestive heart failure. Patients often times come to see him because of their weakened heart and because they´ve had problems with fluid overload. They usually complain of fatigue, shortness of breath, weakness, volume overload and frequent hospitalizations.

Previously, the ability to treat these patients was quite limited. The good news is that there´s been a recent breakthrough in the medical treatment of these type of patients called CCM or Cardiac Contractility Modulator. This device helps the heart beat stronger, and the stronger the heart beats allows the blood flow to go to the rest of the body. The additional blood flow makes patients feel less short of breath, have more energy and stay out of the hospital longer. There’s no question that this procedure helps many patients.

The device is implanted very similar to a regular pacemaker. It’s a relatively quick and easy procedure taking up to forty-five minutes. Patients tolerate it well, and most patients are feeling better within six to eight weeks. He has implanted a number of these devices at Texas Emergency Hospital.  Now electrophysiologists have more tools to help patients who suffer from congestive heart failure and weakened hearts.

If you have a weakened heart or been recently hospitalized for congestive heart failure, please, come and see us because you may be a candidate for CCM.  We’d be happy to see you and evaluate you for this device.  Get to know Dr. Shanti Bansal. Watch this Video.

Innovative Procedure To Treat Heart Failure

Innovative Procedure To Treat Heart Failure

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