What All Women Should Know About Estrogen and Calcium

Women often deal with brittle bones as they age. The vast majority of people with osteoporosis (about 80% of patients) are women. But what makes women so much more likely than men to have bone issues? Understanding a woman’s hormones will help you make sense of the mystery. Below, we will explain the connection between estrogen and calcium in women.

Why Calcium is Important for Bone Health

Calcium is one of the most important building blocks of bone. However, our bones aren’t the only part of our body that uses calcium. Muscles, blood cells and the nervous system also depend on calcium to function. It is important to consume enough calcium to keep your bones, as well as the rest of your body healthy.

Estrogen and Bone Strength

Estrogen plays an important role in bone health- for men and women alike. While women obviously produce more estrogen, men make a small amount, too. Their bodies can even convert testosterone to estrogen for bone protection.

Bone Issues in Menopause

Women in menopause and perimenopause need to be particularly careful about their bones. Estrogen sharply decreases during this period, which means bones can be vulnerable. This is the time when osteoporosis is the most common. Luckily though, women in these age groups can protect their bones with supplements, hormone replacement therapy, and other medical treatments. Getting a bone density scan will help you determine whether you need additional therapies to strengthen your bones.

Talk To Your Doctor

It is important for all women to talk to their doctors about bone health. Even if your bones are healthy now, you may be at risk for issues in the future. Emergency Hospital Systems is here to help all parts of your body stay healthy and strong. Ready for your next doctor’s appointment? Click here to find our location closest to you.

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