What Is Papillary Breast Cancer

Many different types of cancer can harm you or your loved ones. Sometimes, you may get confused about what a specific cancer is, and that’s ok! For that reason, we will look at papillary breast cancer so that you can better understand a particular type of cancer that can occur!

What Exactly Is Papillary Breast Cancer?

It is an uncommon type of invasive ductal breast cancer. Specifically, it only accounts for less than 1% of all breast cancers.

Papillary tumors are a type of benign. Additionally, malignant papillary tumors are a specific type of breast cancer and begin in the breast’s milk channel.

Usually, papillary breast cancers tend to be small and positive for progesterone and estrogen receptors. In addition, they are usually negative for HER2 receptors. It is essential to know that this tumor is much more receptive to treatments and has a much more excellent prognosis than other cancers.

How Exactly Is Breast Cancer Treated?

Depending on where you go, your treatment might differ.

One way your disease can be treated is through local therapy. This type of treatment aims at stopping this cancer from ever returning into the breast. Radiation and surgery are the main components of this therapy.

Another way your disease can be treated is through the use of systemic therapy. This therapy helps prevent the tumor from returning or moving to another area of the body.

Your doctor will make your treatment based on the disease’s stage and the certain features that compose the tumor. Specifically, your plan will be based on what is needed and best for you!

Are you in need of medical help?

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