What You Need To Know About The Coronavirus Vaccine

The world, as we had once known it, has changed more than ever before. 2020 was a real rollercoaster for many of us due to the coronavirus pandemic. Many of us may have lost our jobs and loved ones because of this pandemic. Additionally, hospitals and clinics were understaffed for many months and suffered to meet all their patients’ requirements during these times. Fortunately, after a very long time, we have finally been given good news! After a lot of hard work and many trials and errors, a COVID-19 vaccine has finally been created! With this vaccine, we will finally be able to save ourselves from the coronavirus, allowing us to resume back to our “normal” way of life. If you aren’t so sure about getting the vaccine, that is completely fine! Learning about the vaccine can help you better understand the need and benefits of getting the vaccine.

Currently, there are two vaccines available: Pfizer and Moderna!

While they serve the same purpose, they differ in some ways.

  • Facts About The Pfizer Vaccine:
  • It is about 95% effective
  • It is given in 30 mcg doses over a period of 21 days
  • It has to be diluted with a .9% sodium chloride solution
  • There are around 36,621 participants who have participated in the Pfizer vaccine trial
  • It has been approved for everyone who is above the age of 16
  • It needs to be stored between -112 to -76 degrees Fahrenheit

Facts About The Moderna Vaccine

  • It is around 94.5% effective
  • It is given in 100 mcg doses over a period of 28 days
  • There is no dilution required for this vaccine
  • There are around 30,350 trial participants that have participated in the Moderna Trial Vaccine
  • It has been approved for everyone aged 18 and above
  • It needs to be stored between -13 to -5 degrees Fahrenheit

Why exactly do I need the vaccine?

Even though tons of people are contracting the virus, there is a 99% survival rate even if you get the virus.

So, why should you get the vaccine if it has such a high survival rate?

The coronavirus and its symptoms can stay within your body for a very long time. Specifically, it can severely hurt your brain, heart, and lungs. This can cause you to have an increased risk of having long-term health challenges.

Here are a few ways your organs can be affected by COVID-19:

Your Lungs: Pneumonia that usually occurs because of the coronavirus can cause damage to the tiny air sacs(alveoli) in your lungs. Unfortunately, scarring of the tissue can eventually lead to breathing problems in the long-term.

Your Brain: The coronavirus can cause seizures, strokes, and even Guillain-Barre syndrome. In addition, contracting COVID-19 increases your risk of developing Alzheimer’s or even Parkinson’s disease.

Your Heart: There have been many images that show severe damages to the heart muscle because of COVID-19. This may cause an increase in the risk of getting a heart complication or heart failure.

Final Thoughts

We hope we were able to help make understanding the coronavirus vaccine a bit easier! If you still need further guidance about the vaccine, that is entirely understandable! Emergency Hospital Systems is ready to help answer any questions you may have about the vaccine! If you’d like to schedule an appointment with one of our expert physicians, give us a call at 281-592-5400. We follow all CDC recommended precautions to ensure our patients and staff stay safe during these challenging and rough times!

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