What’s an Impaction Fracture? Learn About this Common Childhood Injury

An impaction fracture is a common injury in children. However, many parents haven’t even heard it. In this article, we’ll explain what an impaction fracture is, how they are caused, and how families can seek treatment.

Different Types of Broken Bones

A broken bone (or fracture) sounds like a straightforward injury. However, there are many different types of broken bones, each with unique causes, symptoms, and severity levels. While some broken bones pierce the skin and require extensive treatments, others are so subtle that patients mistake them for other problems. This is especially common in children.

What is an Impaction Fracture?

An impaction fracture, also called a torus or buckle fracture, is one of the more “subtle” types of fractures that can affect children. Impaction fractures happen when a bone is compressed. This puts pressure on the area, therefore causing parts of the bone to crumble under the weight of the compression. Children are prone to this type of injury because their bones are still developing, which means their bones are softer and more malleable than adult bones.

Signs and Symptoms

Impaction fractures are incomplete breaks, which means that they do not cause a deformed appearance. Therefore, they usually don’t look like broken bones at all. Pain, pressure, swelling, and bruising are all common symptoms of this injury. If your child complains of these problems, especially after hurting themselves, then get the area examined by a professional.

Treatment and Recovery

Any type of broken bone can be scary for children- and also for their parents. Luckily though, impaction fractures are common injuries and your child should make a full recovery. However, getting the right treatment is important for both comfort and healing. Usually, these breaks are treated with a simple splint, though a cast might also be used. Properly setting the bone and resting the area will help your child heal.

Visiting Urgent Care

Urgent care centers are great resources for impaction fractures. Urgent care centers are quick and convenient, making them a good option for busy parents. They also have the tools needed to diagnose and treat an impaction fracture, as well as other common childhood injuries.

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