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I hope everyone had a great summer and that you were able to spend some time with your family. As we head into the Fall, I am seeing that healthcare is beginning to return to some of the patterns that existed prior to Covid. Typically, the months of October through December see an increase in volume both in emergent and elective care. Surgeries tend to increase during this time as well as increases in inpatient medical care. I believe we are returning to this normal and we will be aligning our resources to accommodate these surges.

Additionally, I would like to talk to you about other changes we see going on in the healthcare community. The legislative changes in 2022 have forced many organizations to review and revise the way they conduct hospital business. Changes in the law have affected the way hospitals are paid, and organizations are modifying their services to reflect these changes. Almost daily, I receive articles discussing how hospitals are eliminating services they offer or changing the way they are delivering care.

Fortunately, Emergency Hospital Systems is an organization that has always been focused on the services that are essential to the communities we serve. Where I do see the opportunity to streamline our services and reimagining how we provide care at our HOPDs in Porter and The Woodlands. When we review the census at these locations, patients are seeking care there
during the daytime hours. With this data, we will be changing these locations from 24-hour operations to 12-hour operations from 9:00 AM to 9:00 PM.

These changes will allow us to remain aggressive in our growth strategies and focus on service areas that are needed in our communities.

Thank you for following and reading our articles. Hope you’ll find the information useful.

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